Other Options

If you don’t want an abortion:


If you decide to raise your child, check out these resources that can help you out for free or low costs:

You can get support from the baby’s father even if he doesn’t want to be involved. The Louisiana Department of Children and Family Services Child Support site will explain how.

If you carry out your pregnancy then decide parenting is too hard, Louisiana has a Safe Haven Law.


NO ONE can force you to give your baby up for adoption. It’s your child and your decision. Parental involvement/consent is required for minors to choose to place their child for adoption. Contact LA DCFS Adoption Services


Pregnancy does not mean your future is ruined. You’re allowed to stay at your own school while pregnant or you could look into schools that are designed just for pregnant students. Check out this information on the rights of pregnant or parenting students www.nwlc.org/resource/pregnant-and-parenting-students-rights.