Abortion– a safe and effective medical procedure that ends a pregnancy

Abortion Clinic-a medical facility that provides abortions as well as other services like pregnancy testing and sonograms

Appeal– a second meeting with a different judge if initial request is denied

Appeals court– a higher court that reconsiders decisions made by lower courts–many abortion restrictions are being considered in appeals court because they are thought to be unjust

Attorney– lawyer; the person who will represent you in court by explaining your situation to the judge

Chambers– the judge’s office

Clerk– the judge’s assistant with administrative work like scheduling

Crisis Pregnancy Center-an organization that attempts to counsel pregnant women against abortion while also providing medical services like pregnancy testing and sonograms

Filing– handing in a form to the clerk at the courthouse

Gestation period– amount of time since pregnancy began; stage of fetal development

in forma pauperis– a Latin term for a court statement that waives filing the fee for people who can’t afford it

Judicial Bypass-the process in which a judge approves a minor’s abortion request instead of their parents

Medication abortion– aka “abortion pill”, 2 pills that induce abortion without a procedure

Order– a written statement or direction from a judge

Sonogram– the visual image from an ultrasound examination

Telemedicine- the distribution of medication abortion to women who can’t travel to a clinic so they receive the pill from another provider and video call with an abortion provider; this is not legal in Louisiana but you may hear about it

Ultrasound– a medical scan that uses high-frequency sound waves to see live images of the inside of your body; used to confirm pregnancy by looking for fetus

Verdict– the judge’s final decision