All About Clinics

Abortion clinics in Louisiana are not providing abortions in Louisiana at this time. 

If you are trying to get an abortion visit

There were 3 clinics that performed abortions in Louisiana:

1. The Women’s Health Care Clinic
New Orleans
(504) 899-6010 or toll free at (888) 899-6011

2. Delta Clinic
Baton Rouge
225.923.3242 or toll free at 800.937.3242

3. Hope Medical Group for Women
Shreveport, LA
318.221.5500 or toll free at 800.448.5004

There are other women’s health clinics that can still give you an ultrasound, but it’s best to go to one of these 3 so you don’t have to get a second ultrasound when you get your abortion.

Some clinics are against abortions. Watch out for “pregnancy centers” that pretend to be all-options clinics. These clinics may give you wrong information or put pressure on your decision. You can find a database of these fake clinics here.

Beware of clinics that:

  • Force you to watch anti-abortion videos while you wait for your test results
  • Surround you with anti-abortion materials
  • Deny you the results of your pregnancy test if you tell them you want an abortion
  • Force you to listen to religious messages
  • Refuse to refer you to clinics that perform abortions

Regardless of what you believe is your best option, no one should pressures you into anything. This is your body and only you are capable of making the best decision for it.