Are you pregnant? Are you under 18?

You may be able to talk to your family about your decision to have an abortion. If you can’t, we can help.

Parental Consent Waiver (Judicial Bypass)

Under Louisiana Law, if you are pregnant and under the age of 18, you cannot obtain an abortion without the permission of a parent or legal guardian.  If your circumstances mean that you cannot obtain this consent, you may still be able to receive abortion services by going through the judicial bypass process.  A judicial bypass means that a judge grants permission for you to receive abortion services.  The judge’s permission takes the place of your parent or guardian’s permission.

Our site will guide you through the judicial bypass process by giving a step by step plan of what to do and what you need to know.  The site is run by attorneys and law students who are here to help you get the services you need.

To read our comprehensive guide that will walk you through the judicial bypass process, see the Guide.

If you need to contact an attorney to help you through the judicial bypass process, please fill out the form on our Contact an Attorney page.

If you need additional assistance with obtaining birth control, pregnancy or STD testing, abuse counseling, or need help paying for your abortion services, see our Resources page for places that may be able to help you.

If you have questions about the process, they may be answered on our FAQs page.

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